Want to Reset? The Amazing Woman Story under all those Clothes


 Meet Ms. B

Each of us have an amazing story about our choices in life.

Our clothing is no different.

Your Story

My story starts in the usual fashion of being young and fashionable. While staying on trend through college and young adulthood I kept most of my style, even with a lot of balls in the air, all the time. But then my life required a heart demanding challenge and I took it. 


I took the most practical way to be both effective in my various roles and protective of myself. I narrowed my gaze on what matters - building my business, supporting my family and managing whatever came in my direction. Guess what? I missed my desire to be a sensual woman.  How you ask? By deferring my desires and taking on familiar roles simply requiring achievement, discipline and leadership. I missed the rejuvenating energy captured by my feeling sensual beautiful as a fun loving woman. 


My persona is captured in much about me including my clothing, style and communication. I find my confidence is both inspiring, silly and lovable and yes even sexy late in my 50's. At this midyear age and stage of life the desire to be drop dead gorgeous was re-awakened. I didn't realize how much of me got stored in a box labeled "don’t get left behind" and strangely not much of what was left any longer reflects me.


Now there is a spark and draw and desire in me to return to the woman who paid attention to fashion and even trend that fueled and empowered.


Understand there was a trigger for this reversal - something spectacular so surprised me and required me to access my sensuality, femininity and style or risk not reaching my human potential. Once I started to see life in pretty, cool, beautiful and classic - my energy for life became more centered on exactly what I want.

Sonia R. Banks, PhDComment