Create Your Total Team Playbook

Often we have amazing stories to tell of things we have done with our teams but we think they are trivial or not really significant to the focus of our change or best strategy for a team.  BUT that is not true.

dmi photo.jpg

These stories, when shared, tell others how we think about our team and reveal the inner-playbook that we reference Think about it like this. 1. What story in your life best describes you in a team? Now think about playing. 2. What game or toy signifies that team play story?  Now go play with that toy or game. You have started page one of your team playbook.

Ask others on your team for their best team stories and what toy or game is like that story for them. Lots of funny huh? Looks. It makes us think. Why don’t we see team work the way we see team play?

Deborah Converse