Balancing Thoughts: Happiness as a Buffer –“Undoing Stress”

And the end of all our exploring

we will arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time.

                                                                                                              -T.S. Elliot

When you share or re tell your stress story or when you work from an assumption not shared or tested, what happens when THAT story or “agreement you have made with that assumption” begins to threaten your feelings of balance, stability, control or competency?


To Undue the Stress or Un hinge the Triggers that Stop You from Playing Up YOUR Power  

Jolt: Shake up your story. What essential and powerful value is at play in your life? What is being ignored? Make that not matter right now! Get one thing done from 2018 that stifled your personal power to create something you have always wanted.

Halt: What assumptions am I making about my abilities? What do I believe? Is it based on an old story I tell myself about the situation or person? Recycle that old thought. into a cooler power play in your life.

Bolt: If you cant Jolt or Halt, then Put up a Keep Out Sign – Currently Reflecting. Get back to it when you can weigh the “pros and cons” against what you value.