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Develop the Team Playbook.

One Common Goal.

We create team building adventures from field trips specifically designed to match your mission and the profiles of your team.

We offer hours of collaborative, instructive, and immersive mini adventures that transform how people think about team.

Teams rotate between four field experiences

  1. communication between diverse thinking styles

  2. focused attention on creative problem solving.

  3. creating one compelling direction that aligns organizational strategy

  4. balancing polarity

Imagine your team playing with ways to enhance better

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Trust & Reliance on others

  • Strategy Under Pressure

  • Tolerating of Ambiguity

  • Approaches to Adaptive Change




Adventure through fun focused events creatively designed for invigorating helping you enjoy your problem solving habits

Live Labs

Webinar and podcast teach ins – 4 live labs with play care experts in branding, nutrition, spiritual health, relationships and mid life transitions

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls in gaining inspiration, increasing imagination and fully living are available for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes

Coach Ins

30 minute playgiver coach in with advice, support and a challenge to keep you sane, successful and more satisfied with your life

Play trends and Updates

Best practices from research and social science - 4 updates each year!

AtPlay Field Trips

Membership includes VIP access to At Play field trips.


*billed annually or $189 per month billed monthly

Performance at Play

Optimize how well your life Functions

Understand Your hidden Value

Discover your real expectations

Make Better Commitments

Field Trips are scheduled to support our embodied human culture in environments that match our challenges and expectations.

  1. Clear and understandable decision making process

  2. Expanding how we understand communication

  3. Harnessing strengths that open up problem solving

  4. Recognition

  5. Utilizing human potential, individually and collectively, to develop more compassion through relationships

  6. Understanding situational and sustainable choices that effect our performance

Offer adaptive management training in working across site challenges using polarity and integral thinking. This training builds skills in meeting challenges, with planning and adaptively managing the balance of tasks and relationships.

Offer skills for enhancing decision making. This training is designed to support professional development with consistent yet adaptable processes to improve team and individual performance.

Offer guides and tools to increase productive communication, benefit by enhancing skills in listening-to-understand, and to trust as a way to be understood. Courageous productive conversations will be a tool to fortify the art and skill of establishing working team relationships.


Leaders at Play

Stress Emancipation for Leaders Everywhere

Identify and mitigate the stressors in everyday life that impact your happiness AND limit YOUR potential. We help you clarify your stress management reduction goals while having fun practicing out-the-box thinking, feeling and doing.

Gain awareness how the potential for reducing stress is ever-present during all activities.

During Stress Emancipation ‘Feel’ Trip, we tailor the experience to enhance stress reduction education while offering a whimsical analysis of an individual’s healthy style of play.


Women at Play


Create Your Total Family Health Playbook

An Immersion into Powerful Education and Re Starting for Families

A fun immersion program to play up your family power and recalibrate the journey back to noticing, understanding, discerning, committing and loving your family. Discover your strengths and opportunities through sessions with a child-parent to family wellness focus. Great for going back to school and preparing for holidays.

  • Learn routines that can change challenges for transitioning back to school, home, to a game of adventure and wonder.

  • Get to your best mindset for healthy parenting by noticing yourself in one day.

  • Eat Sleep Play into what you need for the “both/and vs either/or” child rearing advantage

  • Balance broken dreams with beautiful stories from places where imagination lives

  • Create a home environment that supports your best mood, and reduces distracting behavioral triggers  

  • Don’t strain, sustain your brain, with plans A, B, C and D at your finger tips

Imagine walking into an intentionally focused day of family reunification health games, techniques, and a bit of theory designed to meet you where you are. We have identified psychologists with proven family health restoration practices, designed to boost your confidence, and metabolism. We use play, art, and science to offer a memorable way to help parents and children re-navigate some old waters.

Setting the Parental-Child Play Stage –Tune In with opening ritual. Introducing the Five Principles of Power Parenting for a Successful Weekend and the five Drbanksatplay Core Thriving Characters at home in every family —spiritual (sally), mental (mark), physical (patty), emotional (earnie), and environmental (edith), as well as the 3 Core Questions—Who Am I now? Where are we as a family now? What Must I Do To Get Through the Weekend?


Scholars at Play

JR MASTER YOUR FIVEMIND STUDY GROUPS are coordinated and choreographed with like minded scholars on line to support reaching new goals and attaining Straight A’s (Focused Attention, Great Attitude, Flexible Adaptability to Academic challenges, and Consistent Achievement) .DrBanks and her staff support 9-14 year olds and 15 -18 year olds in their quest to master their academic and social lives.



Cultural Intensives occur that put your child in a deluge of historical artifacts and adventure. Museums and activity centers are the hub for 8 hours a day – 5 days a week with DrBanks and her staff integrating the daily learning labs with the Straight A’s. These amazing fun intensives occur twice a year during Winter and Spring Break 2019.


Couples at Play

Good Relationships Live, Love and Play

 We offer couples carefully choreographed power plays to move their relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Using self-exploration activities, fun filled exercises, couples notice, understand, and finally discover how to play with each other differently.

With relationship science theory guiding our play, our couple excursions offer closeness, free flowing inspired communication, greater emotional health and new perspectives on marriage.  Imagine delicious degrees of inspirational conversation that synchronizes both of you.

 Sweet Ground

Art of Play: delicious degrees of inspirational conversation that synchronizes both of you

 Find your Rhythm again

Beyond the Hustle: Unprecedented innovation that changes your perspective

 Fun through Play

Treasure Hunts on Steroids: Fun filled searches where nothing seems to be happening without being noticed.

Retro Intellectual Stimulation

Historically –Based education that inspires change:.

 Creative Expression

Love’s Architecture: Using various Artists tools we paint by heart: Under an artist’s direction we guide our pen and canvas to reveal our heart.