Six years ago, Dr. Banks was inspired to launch a new, creative, and aspirational way of understanding, thinking, and leading during intense and complex transitions. Result: Playing across science, art, leadership, education, and psychology turned into a platform for accelerating people to tap into their preferred way of showing up in everything they do.

Based on research, simulated experiences can accelerate leadership intentions into actions. As she focused on both tasks and relationships involved in doing anything differently, she ended up with an adventure edutainment company specializing in constructing learning environments that propel people into creative thoughtful solutions.

Even when your intent is correct and your feelings are ideal, flawed execution or behavioral shortfalls, can result in abysmal failure. That is why nature imbues children with the spontaneity of “play”. Play is nature’s way of trying out different conative strategies that build relationships, engender self-knowledge, instill skillfulness, and maximize success. 

We believe Dr. Banks at Play succeeds because it engages all three aspects of mind; the cognitive, the affective, and the conative (the action it takes to move forward). The first two can be succinctly described as your thinking and feeling self.  However, it is the conative aspect of mind that takes thought and feeling into action.  That's how we measure success.

Play increases people's capacity for better ideas and solution-based thinking. Dreams are for sleeping. Play wakes you up.  Be among the vision questers and thought leaders shifting to creating adaptive change using play. By igniting your imagination, Dr. Banks at Play shows you how to apply momentum-building enthusiasm to leadership practices to impact outcomes.