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Experience the Power of Play!


Dr. Banks at Play is an innovation company that designs experiences to change how we work, live and play.  Set the course you imagine to reach the goals that matter most. 


who we are


Play Masters - playground designers

Social Scientists - evidence based

Organizational Psychologists - environmental artists

Master Trainers - perspective shifters

Event Coordinators - logistic wizards

Researchers - applying play data

We Take the Power of Play Seriously!


what we do


Expeditions - playing to learn

what I need to learn

Experiences - catapulting people into what is possible

what I can make happen

Experiments - establishing NEW approaches to old problems

what it takes to change


why we do it

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find your blind spots

reach your goals

support your entire life

be more successful

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how we do it

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We help you figure out what you really want, where you want to end up and help you co-design the most exciting and effective way to get you there!

Sonia R. Banks









putting play to work



Play uses your unique profile to design gratifying off-site retreat experiences designed to induce delicious degrees of inspiration, unprecedented problem solving innovation and the kind of perspective change you only read about.

Leadership Development

Team Building

Problem Solving


Stress in the Workplace

Innovation at Work

Diversity & Inclusion






Our playscapes are tailored to achieve an unimaginable success using a NEW road map -- your innovative mind. We aren’t bound by one discipline.  We have years of expertise that cut across multiple disciplines and add value to your role, work, communication, skills and overall life happiness.

Organizations at Play

Leaders at Play

Teams at Play

Women at Play


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