Organizations at Play

Play increases leaders’ capacity for better ideas and solution-based thinking. Dreams are for sleeping. Play wakes you up.  Be among the vision questers and thought leaders shifting to creating adaptive change using play. By igniting your imagination, @Play shows you how to apply momentum-building enthusiasm to leadership practices to impact outcomes.

Leaders at Play

Journey into the leadership you want to create. Tap into preferences and skills. We will create a series of aspirational experiences that suit where you want to be – and what it will take to get you there.

We have a playground to practice new ways of leading. We recommend a Five Days Expedition. We call it Accelerator. Leaders to learn how to integrate experience, experiments and thrilling excitement in field trips and excursions that literally change what they see as possible. 

  • Uncover both sides of the same coin

  • Sustain the win-win longer

  • Never stop playing attention

  • Peak at your assumptions – they are the stories you tell

  • Imagine liking ambiguity and uncertainty of change!

Teams at Play


Goal: fun in a team experience as a department, division or organization

  • Team building experience


Goal: learn and rehearse tools for improved work group and team performance

  • Team building experience

  • Critical thinking engaged

  • Problem solving practiced

  • Innovative solutions

  • Communication enhanced

  • Diagnostics applied


goal: learning and applying sustainable team building essentials with expectations of team behavior changing

  • Facilitating Team Skill and Development Training

  • Team diagnostic survey

  • Team didactic analysis

  • Team learning lab method

  • Analyzing critical thinking skills

  • Coaching through problem solving results

  • Reviewing innovative solutions

  • Evaluating communication effectiveness

Assessing your team style is very important to understanding what you show up as more times than not on a team. Take this inventory and then GET STARTED growing your team power with us.  DISCOVER YOUR PREFERRED STYLE.

Women at Play

A mastermind designated time of guided fun filled training adventure emphasizing leadership diversity and gender power all harnessed to build your skills for focusing and using reflective integration to succeed.  Yes intuition is a real trait that helps leaders.

Our mastermind groups and retreats provide space for noticing and understanding what is happening in your career and therefore life with contemplation, preparation and life sustaining action. We provide the escape portal for your mind to venture out a bit into what you really want and maintain it.

Pick your Playscape!