Life’s Problems: A Game of Adventure for Us Super Heros

Can challenges change the way you imagine new outcomes?  It does for most action figures!

You are an action figure and hero so what will it take to get to your best mindset for noticing yourself in a difficult challenging day? I try eating, sleeping and playing into what I need to keep an adventure heart and spirit advantage ready for the dismal unexplainable destructible scenes that I find I am starring in more often than I like. I sometimes start with balancing broken dreams on a swirling plate in my minds eye, then use my imagination to access ways where play lives and see the plates lift off the stick and the problems swirl and twirl into a flammable puff of smoke. The trick is to create a home environment that supports your best place to shift this mindset and the  mood that accompanies it, and reduces distracting behavioral triggers,   Don’t strain, sustain your brain, with imaginative play plans if that doesn’t let you smile that support a new view.

Deborah Converse